About The Board Game

Dr Investor, Phd. is a Board Game with a Purpose—to help young people become savvy investors.

Financial educators teach students to handle credit cards, establish savings accounts and manage personal budgets.  These basic skills are vital, however they are only a beginning.  Young people must also be given an understanding of the power of investing, a power that can provide financial independence for a lifetime.

What part can this board game play in unleashing investing power?

First, board games require communication.  Players are in the same room, around the same table and learn from each other by asking questions, discussing strategy and explaining decisions. 

Second, board games bring generations together.  Parents and grandparents have the opportunity for important face to face interaction with children and are able to pass on investing experience and share financial wisdom. 

Finally,  games capture the attention of students in the classroom.  Friendly team competition and lively discussion around the game board make acquiring investing knowledge fun!

Consider This

Once your youngsters play the game and acquire sufficient knowledge to begin investing, why not open a $500 custodial brokerage account for them.

Until the account becomes theirs (age 21 in most states), they make decisions with your help and approval.  After all, there is nothing like having their own money in the market to get their attention!